Friday, May 15, 2009


I had two entries for my domino pendant and I held a name in each hand.. then Riley picked this hand!!!
Congratulations Sue!
Since I only had two entries (The third is from my sister so I couldn't count her in because I'd send her a pendant whenever she'd like! Love you sister!) I think I'll send a pendant out to freebird as well. Thanks for entering and leaving such nice comments! I'll be in touch for mailing info!
Sue, I can't get an email address from your profile, please leave a message here with an email so I can get your mailing info. Thanks.


sue said...

Oh I am so excited, I never win!! And I truly love your pendants. Thank you! My email is

freebird said...

I knew I knew your blog and I do have it in favorites in my "regulars" folder. I just couldn't connect your name and email to Riley Coyote! Thanks so much for including me as runner up!

Anonymous said...

what a good looking boy! and thaks for all the cool pics you sent this past week. i'll have to think about a pendant i might need you to make for me! XXOOXX

freebird said...

I got my pendant! It almost got lost at the store where we get our mail but the clerk found it behind some stuff. Lucky me. I want to thank you very much. I like the hummingbird stamp you put on the envelope too. (Who makes these?)

I posted your wonderful gift on my blog here.