Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The big Bear feels 100 percent better!!!
I was more then a little worried about him.. he's 13 and
he's a big dog, so that's pretty old.
Thanks for the nice words and
thoughts though.. he's back on his feet and
feeling frisky!!
I can't help but share some more
teacup bird feeder pics..
This is a special piece!!
I made for a special girl!!
for a special occasion!!!
This teeny tiny piece is for
I thought we were on letter S so I did
Steampunk.. when I got to the site I see we're actually on
letter T, I have now officially re-named the little inchie..
"The Timekeeper"
Ha, I hope that's not cheating.. I would hate not to be able to share the little guy...


Bev said...

That is a fantastic image ! Great inchy x

Jo said...

Good to hear your big baby boy is feeling better. I ADORE those bird feeders and am trying to get the bits together to make one (or two or three....). Lovely inchy, soooo detailed.

missy k said...


I can't get my head round steampunk. You have - and in your own wonderful style. I love it!


JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Glad to hear that Big Bear is feeling better!
I'm in love with your beedfeeders!!-must make one!!
Your inchy is fantastic!! Where do you get your adorable images from?

Jan x

Fiona Whitehead said...

Great inchy - and well done for being able to change the letter! lol! Glad your dog is feeling better - its so worrying when they're not well. Steampunk - that's a new one on me - have to go check it out