Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love this picture of the Big Bear Dog!!
Smushing up against my son for some attention.. he is so sweet!!
(Yes.. my son needs to put on a belt!!!)

Here's my entry for
The word theme is patience
Here's a flower ring I made this afternoon..
I think I'm going to make a bunch to add to the boxes of presents I
have to mail for Christmas to family all over the
country. My daughter already took off
with this one!!!


Katie said...

great inchie and I love that ring you made.

daisy said...

Another stunning inchie. Really luv your style.

daisy xx

bad penny said...

Sweet inchie - I knew a girl named Patience at school !!!
I'm sure the fashion of pants / bums hanging out is about to change - surely ? hopefull !!!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Great inchie - she looks quite impatient doesn't she?

Joanna said...

Love your patience inchy - that's a maniacal expression on her face! The ring is just gorgeous. The jeans thing makes me laugh - my 16 year old is always wandering round the house with his jeans off his bum. How is it cool to show your underpants?!