Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ok, Blogspot will not work on my computer so I'm out on the kids computer

using a keyboard that feels like a movie theatre floor..

yuck.. but at least I get to post something finally, yay!

Here's how Riley feels about our dog sitting...

he's not thrilled.. but he's been really really good..

so far..

Here is one of the morning doves that usually comes

every single day and picks up whatever seeds fall to the flower

bed.. this day I caught one for the first

time ever, actually on one of the tea cups..

I guess she was feeling brave.. and slim..

Here are Gwen on the left and Gigi on the right..

5 more days to go..

not pictured.. is the third dog in the house.. Daisy

It's almost impossible to walk all 4 of them at the same time..

Here is my entry for

The theme is "Garden"

I wanted to make a page I could print off and use as stationary

I think I like the no lines version better.. but my daughter

liked the lines better.. so here it is both ways!

Have a beautiful day and I hope Blogspot is working better for

all of you than it has been for me!!


Joanna said...

Riley looks like he is being SO GOOD - I bet those little dogs can be mighty annoying!! They are also mighty cute!

I really REALLY like your notepaper, what a great idea. If I was asked, I'd go for the non-lined version, but that's more to do with my rubbish handwriting than your lines.

Like your sweet dove, I always feel slim in the morning......

I hope Blogger starts behaving for you. It chewed up one of my posts on Friday (the 13th!) and didn't return it :o(


Carol said...

lol look at Riley - is he a scardy wei? our Ty is....I don't think Ty would sit there like that tho' he'd run away!!

Good luck with the dog sitting xx

Faye said...

I'm with you. I like the no-lines version best, but both are neat ideas.

I'd love to see you walking all 4 dogs at once. What a sight that must be.

Yes, if you pound basil or other herbs, the smell does hang around. I live to use lavender leaves even though they don't make pretty colors, they smell so good.

cat said...

Riley is looking a little annoyed!
I'm sure he is counting down the days!

Anonymous said...

what are you doing with all those dogs sista! could they be your MILs???? I think my eyes would be rolling too Riley!

I like no lines. Just sayin'.

Love you B