Monday, March 23, 2009


Sitting tall and skinny...

Here are my entries for
The challenge is to use triple embossing layers and then stamp the top while still wet to get
unique and cool effects. It took me a couple tries but I got the hang of it.. Click the pics to see them in greater detail if you like..
First is the Queen of Hearts.. .
Then the King of Hearts
I like his curls..

I also did this one with asian writing and pretty flowers..
I took this picture from an angle so you can
see the width and texture of the inchie better.
Try it.. it's fun..


Fiona Whitehead said...

These are brilliant - mine look nothing like this - I wonder if my embossing powders aren't as thick. I'll keep trying - thanks for joining in again with such lovely inchies.

Rainbow Lady said...

Fabulous inchies and my husband would love your gorgeous dog lol. Love Cynthia x

Dragon said...

oooo these are fantastic. I LOVE the stamps of the king and queen!! Thanks for joining in with the challenge so well

Carole said...

Those are cool!

AliMayes said...

Great inchies I love the king and queen stamps, they work so well.
Ali xx

Kimmie said...

Beautiful job - great photos!

Anonymous said...

put chains on those for jewlery or hooks and make earrings! they are really fantastic!

missy k said...

These are fantastic.... they look like real silver... well done! I am wondering like Fiona if you have thicker embossing powders!? Karen

freebird said...

They really came out metal looking and textural. Super job! And your dog looks great as usual.

missy k said...

Thanks for your help about the embossing.... I'll get my heat gun out again!!! Karen