Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Here's the distinguished old man...
he's so sweet.. and he makes my chair look cool!
Did I mention that I looked out the window to see what the dogs were barking at the other day
and there was a huge turkey in my flower garden with two little babies. The momma was
as tall as my shoulder.. huge! I managed to get a picture of the little babies as
they headed next door.. so odd... but so cute!
The cardinal was visiting, not a great picture but
I love cardinals and hardly ever see them...

Here is my inchie for
The last letter and inchie for summer..Letter z..


Fiona Whitehead said...

I adore Cardinals - I loved seeing them when we lived in Texas - sadly we don't get them in the UK - love your z inchy - great idea! See you again in Sept and well done for sticking through it til the end.

daisy said...

Love your inchie - I was itching to see what you had chosen for the final letter & you didn't disappoint!

It's fabulous!

daisy xx

missy k said...

I have never seen a cardinal... and I have never had a turkey in my garden!!!!

Had pheasants, foxes, herons, deer and once a snake in our old garden... where did the turkey come from?

Anyway.... back to the inchy... ZZZZZZZZZZ you have probably fallen asleep during this comment! I love it!

Do you have plans for your alphabet?


JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Love your final alpha inchy!!
A great way to finish Zzzzzzz!! Fab idea!
Been a fun challenge :)
Awww great birdies too!

Jan x

Lesley said...

Great Z! Fab idea and I love the image! xx