Monday, September 20, 2010


What a radient little spectacle of grey and brown!
This is a birthday postcard I made for my sister,
she's a knitting superstar!
This is my entry for
The inspiration word is "wave"


Stephanie said...

Beautiful - all three!

Jo said...

My dad had a knitted pair of swimming trunks when he was a lad!!! Probably explains why he hated swimming!
My grandmother knitted everything - she even knitted chair covers for their 3 piece suite. Very talented but quite mad.

That dog of yours is so funny - and so asleep in that pic.

Great inchy - fab image again (you do find some wonderful images to use in your artwork, brilliant).


bad penny said...

Finger waves ! What a great idea - love it. Knitted swimming costumes were supposed to cover all - til they got wet ! Lovely sleepy dawg

Fiona Whitehead said...

Love it Deirdre - I never even thought of hair waves - I knew you'd come up with something unique x We've got a new addition to our house - Oscar the cat and the dogs even though we have two other cats don't know what to make of the new boy! lol!

Carole said...

Great inchie!

missy k said...

Beautiful trio.

The image for the inchy is stunning!

daisy said...

Stunning inchie & a brilliant idea for the word prompt.