Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's the sweet boy keeping an eye on
the flower garden
Here's a bezel I made after taking the towers and turrets workshop
Cool stuff!
And here!!!! Finally!!!! I got a picture of the elusive cardinal that
was mocking me and all my attempts to get a
picture of him.. it was worth the time, he's
so cool!! I also like the
little grey hanging out on a flower over his shoulder!

Wrapping up the post is my entry for
The theme this week is "dainty"


bad penny said...

Ha ! I like your take on Dainty !
That Cardinal s stunning - how I would love to see one and the esign at the beginning fab xx

Fiona Whitehead said...

Oh my - not so dainty indeed! Oh the cardinal is stunning - thanks so much for letting me see him

Toni said...

Riley... you rocked this.... love love your inchy....

Jo said...

Oh, I know I left a comment before but has naughty Blogger not passed it on?!

I'm lovin' that anti-dainty inchy. I bet she's really a kitten inside! And that Cardinal - FANTASTIC! Don't you feel a bit sorry for the little grey friend next to it - so sweet but so dull compared to its in-your-face gorgeous friend!

missy k said...

Maybe not dainty.... but very cool!

The cardinal is amazing....

daisy said...

Well done on getting the photographs of the bird & thank you for sharing. I luv seeing all the birds at your teacup feeder.

As for the inchie ... just a brilliant take on the word prompt!