Thursday, October 7, 2010


My green-eyed, grey haired boy...
My green-eyed cheetah cat girl, look at her little back feet
all stretched out, too cute!!
Here's a Halloween folder I decorated with images from
I might have posted these already.. but I can't remember..
so here's Minerva anyway...

Here's my entry for
The theme is devotion. The inchie I made was very
plain.. I couldn't imagine doing anything to the image so
I mounted it on a bookmark.


Jo said...

Beautiful photographs of your animals - I adore your cat posing for the camera!

I'm loving Minerva and your inchy, well, very moving with Mother Theresa - you were right to leave the image plain. It speaks for itself, really.


missy k said...

Love your photos! You have very photogenic pets!!!!

Love how you have used your inchy.... fab bookmark.

bad penny said...

WOW! your inchie is so powerful

Your ca looks like mine ! if you ge time ...over on my other blog !

Fiona Whitehead said...

Fab photos of your animals again - love the cat stretch - I have some to put on my magickdiva blog of our new cat getting on with the dogs - who says they have to be enemies? Love your inchy picture - and great idea to put it on a bookmark - hmmm maybe we should do a bookmark swap using inchies - what do you think?

daisy said...