Thursday, October 14, 2010


What a sweet face.. this is how he gets away with
so much... the sweet face, with the big ears, all at once.. it's just too much..
This is a henna tattoo I did tonight for my daughter..
I'm pretty excited to see it tomorrow after we take off the paste!!!

This is my entry for
The theme is troll!!!!
What fun!


Jo said...

Beautiful face on that dog of yours! Cool henna (please show us the results!) and great troll! I think I have an inner troll that snaffles crisps and chocolate!

Femmy said...

that's a great troll!! love it! great pic of the dog too!!!

"MOI" Freubel said...

I bet you had fun making this Troll ! His face !!!
Your Troll is on a Roll !
By the way, is the paste from the henna tattoo in meanwhile of her hand ?? I hope it was successful because it now looks already sensational!

Katie said...

These are great. that darkness challenge sounds fun. freaky troll.

johanna said...

love your young nosferatu! great idea!