Sunday, January 2, 2011


That lip!!!! Too cute!Here is my entry for
She is launching a calendar challenge and when
I saw the finished project pictures from last year I felt
pretty inspired to join in for this year. Here is January!
I scanned the first 2 pictures here..
Then used my camera for this one.. you can click to
see it in all it's big picture glory if you like!


Joanna said...

This is fantastic fun! You have such a fun unique style, I love it!

Loving those hairy lips too......!


thekathrynwheel said...

Woweee! This is completely fabulous and very different. I LOVE it, I'm so glad you joined the challenge :-) DId you draw the hair of the figure? It all looks great, I love your style.

Poppit said...

Wowzers - your page is just amazing. Totally blown away by it. Looking forward to seeing more of your calendar.

Sam said...

Amazing Jan page, I love your style. Looking forward to seeing more x

Juls said...

this is fab!! I love all the swirls!!! I have never done this type of craft before, so I am sure I will learn loads! Thanks for your inspiration! Hugs Juls