Saturday, January 22, 2011


Riley really doesn't like wearing clothes, he tries to eat them off
his body, so here is a rare picture of
the boy co-operating for a few minutes and posing for this fantastic
picture of him in his Old Navy t-shirt.
What a trooper!
Here is something I saw on Joanna's blog
Pay it Forward
I agree to send something hand made to the first 5 people that
comment to say they want to
play. (Regular non-playing comments are
still and always welcome!)
The only catch... those 5 people have to make the same offer
on each of their blogs.
It looks like you have the year to fufill the obligation, but
who wants to wait so long?? I plan on getting mine
done in a timely fashion. That's it, easy peasy!
Here is my entry for
The theme is love....
Please pardon the watermark..


Joanna said...

Rosie Mae totally understands Riley's attitude to clothing - we got her a sweet coat many years ago to keep her little body warm and dry when out for a run. However, she would not rest until she had ripped the darned thing off her body and literally stamped on it! You did well to keep that t-shirt on Riley long enough to take the photo.

I hope you get lots of 'Pay It Forwarders' - I'm starting to get my head in gear for making mine.

Superb artwork, as always.

Have a lovely day,


Yvonne said...

Cool idea to have the floor on top! I love it.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Great card!

Our maltese won't wear her clothes either ~ she gets so frantic, so I have given up. She would totally sympathize with Riley =)

I'll try my hand at your Pay It Forward - sounds like a fun idea! xo

Kelly said...