Monday, July 11, 2011


Can you tell by Riley's face.. that life is good..

Sweet summer time and ever growing

elephant ears..

more from the garden ..
Sweet sunflower...

This is part of the reason you haven't seen any artwork from me,

having my kitchen re-done and it's very disruptive and just makes everything that much more difficult. So I haven't really had the time or the drive to make anything exciting, hopefully soon though, I miss having time at my table to join in on challenges and make stationary pages.
As for the kitchen... I had to have this

apron sink, stainless steel. In another 2 weeks it should be all back together.

I can't wait... to cook.. cook and cook some more and I want to make every single thing on

this list..

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Your kitchen is going to look GORGEOUS! I LOVE that sink! We've got a butler sink in white enamel which is lovely, but shows every last mark - but stainless steel? That's a great idea and looks fab.

Great photos, Riley looks so well and happy. Your garden looks very lush and green.

I'll be pleased to see you doing some more creating, I really like your style and imagination. Don't spend all your time cooking...... ;o)