Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here is an action shot of the boy trying to pounce on

two birds in the backyard..

(no birds were harmed in the taking of this photo, they were too fast for him!!)

He stalked and chased them on and off for over an hour while

we sat out back enjoying the beautiful weather.

Here's a picture of the ice teas I've been brewing myself.. I loved

the color of the Mango and the Raspberry Pomegranite is my fav!

If anyone wants the recipe just let me know in comments and

I'll add to the next post!

My Summer Peppers!!!

Tiny right now..

a visitor to the flower garden..

and last but not least... my page for

The theme is WINGS

you can click the picture to big size and

please excuse the watermark!


Joanna said...

Ha ha, he thinks he can catch them too!

Mmmm, those iced teas look yummy. I wish I could share a glass with you while we sat and watched the dog/bird entertainment.

Great WINGS page, I really like these pages you're doing.


Gez said...

Gorgeous wing page :) Love your zetti girl below too :)

Good luck with the peppers.xx

Rein said...

Wonderful page!

Ozstuff said...

Another gorgeous, whimsical journal page. I love your art!