Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Cruising through town...

wind in his ears and bugs in his nose..

loving life..

Here are some views from my garden.. I;m excited about

about these Elephant Ears I planted, they're supposed to get really big..

so here they are at the beginning.. we'll see how they

end up..

Cornflower.. or maybe it's strawflower..

you get the idea...

My handsome gnome relaxing under the lilies..

Here is my entry for

The theme is insect.. I think dragonflies are

insects.. you can click to big size for details!


Joanna said...

Riley is so enjoying his journey! Good luck with growing your elephants ears (seemed slightly surreal writing that sentence), it will seem like a jungle for your gnome.

I'm lovin' that page, I've studied it closely trying to work out how you do it. It's gorgeous, so simple with just the black and white, and yet so complex when you really look at it.

Kiss to Roadtrip Riley,


indybev said...

Great quote. Great interpretation of the challenge!

Willy said...

Wonderful piece! Great take on the cahllenge.

Effie said...

Fab page... love those dragonflies!

Anonymous said...

Cone flower is the common name it's also echinacea (sp?) which is what you buy in health food stores for a strong immune system I think. Deadhead through the summer for more and more blooms, then leave the seed heads for a tasty treat for purple house finches and pretty, pretty gold finches you bird lover you! Your garden is stunning, dog handsome, gnome looks happy and your artwork lovely! you're da best and love you lots!