Monday, June 27, 2011


This is the grey boy loving life..

he does this everytime I run him

to the park .. this

is when he's the happiest...

Ok, I wouldn't have thought this was possible

but yet, here it is.. two morning doves on

one tea cup feeder.. a small, dainty tea cup..

their balance is improving by the week..

Here are my growing elephant ears!!!!!

I'm so excited that they're doing so well and getting so big!!!

More garden goodness..

Here is my entry for

The theme is Gnome


Deborah said...

Wonderful card! I love the quote.

Joanna said...

I love that Riley is so enjoying life! Great photo of the sweet boy.

My birdies won't go near my tea cup feeder - I've moved it now so it's right next to their usual feeder but they still ignore it :o( Those doves look slightly silly perched on your tea cup but they want those seeds!

GREAT card - I always find gnomes slightly creepy but this one is cute, love the sentiment too.